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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Hours and Rates?  See Boarding info

Do I need reservations?  Absolutely. We operate much like a hotel. We are always full for holidays and summer months.

How close are you to New York City?  About a 10 hour drive.

Do you pick up and deliver?  No, we don't.

Are shots required?  Yes. We require your dog to be inoculated from Rabies, Parvo / Distemper, and kennel cough. We will not accept your dog into our kennel without proof of shots. We maintain records of when your dog's vaccination are due and will remind you to bring proof of shots when our records indicate they have expired.

What is canine cough (kennel cough) / Bordetella?  Kennel cough is much like pneumonia in people. It is very contagious. We require a vaccination for kennel cough. It is called Bordetalla vaccine. It is good for 1 year. We recommend you get it when you take your dog in for his annual Parvo / Distemper shot.

Can someone else pick up my dog?  Yes, they can. We will need a letter from you stating who will pick up the dog. That person will be required to show identification.

Will my dog miss me?  Yes, on average about 15 seconds. When your dog goes into a kennel there are many new smells and sounds to get his attention. It is not a boring place. Here at Orchard Kennels, your dog will get to go out every day. He will get to run with other dogs. It will be more like camp than prison.